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"My Buddy Butch - Confessions of a New Dog Dad" is an Award Winning Book! Also available for Download!

WINNER! - Dove Foundation Award Family Approved! Award Finalist Forward Magazine's Book of the Year Award! WINNER! - 2009 Mom's Choice Award Adult Non-Fiction! USA BEST BOOKS - Award Finalist -USA Book News. HONORABLE MENTION- NEW YORK Book Festival. Read the story of how "Butch," gives Jeff a new perspective on single parenthood, eating furniture, and fully digested presents, turning this bachelor into a "New Dog Dad!"

UPDATE: JEMAR Entertainment puts Jeff Marginean's “My Buddy Butch” daily short-feature into syndication!<more> Jeff Marginean named Judge for MCAs! <more > More News & Headlines! <Read Here>


Click Here to join us this week on the MY BUDDY BUTCH RADIO TALK SHOW with Interesting guests and Vet Topics, Family Entertainment picks and more. Jeff also covers the latest news headklines and more...Don't forget to sign up for our FREE Newsletter "The Chronicle." Check out the AFTER SHOW BLOG for specific information and links. You can now tweet with us on Twitter ! And don't forget to check out our Facebook page also! Join us again next week! Don't miss it! Ebook is available! The Book is available at AMAZON.COM, BORDERS BOOKS, BARNES & NOBLE ! Visit our BTR RADIO page to hear the My Buddy Butch Radio Extra! Check out our IMAGE GALLERY and the MEDIA page for more info on us and the book! Butch is also a CANINE GOOD CITIZEN! Get our "My Buddy Butch Chronicle!"

Jeff & Butch Photo by Terry Horner. Check out the My Buddy Butch "Extra" . LIVE Thursdays 7pm Eastern!

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We have had the pleasure of interviewing many top household names in the pet world and have covered the largest Dog Shows in the Country! Stop by this week for the latest show!



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